Please save your stamps this December

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Christmas stamps 2011If you celebrate Christmas, you might be receiving a bit more post than usual right now.  I find it really exciting to open the PO box and see more than just the usual bills.  This year’s Royal Mail stamps from the UK are really beautiful.  Don’t forget to snip them off the envelope and send them to me to help the RNIB.  They can be recycled, raising funds to help people who are visually impaired.  Thank you to everyone who keeps sending them.  Whatever you are doing this December, hope it’s happy, healthy and please….save your stamps.


Laughing through the ceiling

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Here’s just one story from someone who was helped by the RNIB.

Louie’s story

Louie is 5 years old and is registered blind.

Recently Louie’s mum Karen has introduced him to Talking Books, which he listens to a lot – especially just before bedtime and when he has to travel up to Great Ormond Street hospital, which he does every three months.

Karen said: “Louie loves his Daisy Player and loves speeding up and slowing down stories. I can hear him laughing through the ceiling!

I’m sending off the next batch of stamps next week.  It’s a small contribution to helping the vital work of the RNIB but every bit helps.  If you have any used postage stamps please get them to me asap.  It’s recycling something that you’d throw away for a very good cause.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the trouble to send me stamps.  There is a big pile on my table ready to be parcelled up.

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