Plane unfair

October 6, 2010 at 1:00 pm | Posted in Stamps, Visual impairment | Leave a comment
View from plane

Image by Kevin Dooley

This morning I opened 7 days over my morning porridge and was incensed by the headline about a passenger who is blind who was refused a place on a flight from Dubai unless he was accompanied by a sighted guide.  As a person with full sight I take the freedom to travel without too much inconvenience for granted but I know from talking to friends who are visually impaired that this is not the case for them.  Ignorance and prejudice often rear their head especially with air travel.  One bug bear for instance is being encouraged to get into a wheel-chair; ‘It’s my eyes that don’t work, not my legs’ quipped one of my fed-up friends to an over insistent member of the ground-staff.  All travellers, whether sighted or visually impaired, want to be treated the same.  I hope this is a wake up call for this airline and they train their staff and change their practises to consider the person first, not their disability.

I’ve got a huge pile of stamps to send off.  Thank you for everyone who continues to support this cause and takes the time to keep their used stamps and send them to me.  Keep saving them – every single one makes a difference.


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